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At Clear Clean UK we have a wealth of knowledge in Infection Control. We use this knowledge and experience and the latest Fogging Technology to provide our customers with a fast and efficient Fogging Disinfection Service to eliminate the risks of viruses spreading to help protect your staff and customers.

Fogging Disinfection Service

At Clear Clean UK we provide an Emergency Fogging Disinfection and Infection Contril Service to customers across Southampton and throughout Hampshire and The South Coast.

Our Infection Control Specialists are highly skilled and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of Infection Control. We use the combination of our proven procedures, the most effective chemicals and the latest ULV Fogging Technology to elminate the threat of dangerous bacteria, fungi and viruses from spreading to provide you with a safe, clean and healthy environment for your staff, customers and guests.

At Clear Clean UK our team are highly experienced in dealing with a wide range of Infection Control Outbreak Situations and in addition to this we work with a large number of businesses and organisations to support them with a full Infection Control Prevention Service to provide them with advice to ensure that the best practices are followed and that early signs of harmful organisms are not ignored.

We provide a fully dedicated ATP Testing Service to help us detect the early signs of salmonella, norovirus, covid, and many more viruses to catch these viruses early and save disruption for your business. We offer 6 monthly Independent Inspections to provide your business with clear guidlines and clear results to help maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Our Environmental Testing Service can help you verify the sanitation of surfaces, liquids and product testing, test the effectivness of sanitation products, train and monitor sanitation team and employeees, identify areas of your facility that may be at risk and provide you with full training and feedback.

Our fully dedicated Environmental Testing and Fogging Disinfection Services have been used by a large number of businesses and organisations throughout the Covid - 19 pandemic. We have been recognised for our covid cleaning services and been granted Safe Space Approved Contractors, which we are pleased to achieve and we have effectively applied our fogging service and protective sanitising chemicals to factories, offices, schools, restaurants, pubs and offices to help make Hampshire a safer place.

Using the latest ULV Fogging Technology allows us to to provide businesses with a fast and efficient service to fully clean, disinfect and sanitise both the surfaces and air of your workplace after an infection control outbreak.

To achieve outstanding results each and every time, the team at Clear Clean Enviromental uses fogging machines to ensure every surface is thoroughly decontaminated. These machines can be used in all types of locations and premises, including hotels, schools, offices and shops, as well as coaches, aircrafts, trains and ships – in fact, they’re perfect for cleaning anywhere people are brought together in a close environment.

Our state-of-the-art fogging machines release a fine mist spray of our effective cleaning solution into the air which coats every single surface as it falls. This includes all those hard to reach and easy to miss areas and areas which are hard to cleaning usung traditional cleaning methods.

For more information about our Fogging Disinfection Service or for a no obligation quotation please Click Here or call us today on 0800 0996 168.

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