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At Clear Clean UK we provide a specialist Infection Control Service to Businesses and Organisations across Southampton and throughout Hampshire. Our experienced team provide a fast and efficent service to eliminate the threat of dangerous Bacteria and Viruses from spreading in the workplace.

Infection Control Services

We offer service in the UK to major brands, supporting them in their infection control procedures. Not only do we have a team ready to react to an outbreak but we have a team to support you before this happens.

We not only offer ULV viral fogging to stop viruses, bacteria and fungi dead, but we offer ongoing support across there sites to ensure early signs of harmful organisms are not ignored. Through ATP testing and monitoring we can detect early signs of salmonella, norovirus, covid, and many more costly viruses that affect your business.

How much does a outbreak or a 3 day closure cost your business to allow for a deep clean? How much would a deep clean cost your site?

With our 6-month independent inspections you will gain clear results, clear answers and clear guidelines. This supports your SOP and re affirms your reasonability as the business owner.Through regular testing we can help you determine key indicators in your environment to help prevent costly exspences.

Clear clean environmental hygiene testing can help you:

  • Verify sanitation of surfaces, liquids, and product testing in as little as 10 seconds
  • Test and compare the effectiveness of sanitation products and procedures
  • Train and monitor sanitation team and other employees
  • Support SSOP and objectively prove cleaning standards have been met
  • Quickly identify when replaceable parts like belts and brushes should be replaced
  • Identify problem areas in your facility that need more attention
  • Provide on-the-spot training and feedback

Armed with the results you can:

  • Meet FSMA, GFSI, and ISO standards
  • Protect your brand reputation
  • Avoid financially damaging lawsuits
  • Reduce risk of food poisoning, facility closure, and product recalls
  • Lower facility testing costs by bringing testing in-house
  • Provide evidence of due diligence - HACCP

Our infection control service also includes a full infection control fogging service. Using Nano technology, a fine mist is pumped into the affected area which disinfects and eradicates all airborne or surface based viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Our disinfection fogging service uses disinfectants certified up to log kill 6 (99.9999%) so is completely food safe, respiratory and pet safe, and suitable for any location.

This allows you to not only meet, but to exceed the 2010 Biocide Product Directive standards against Coronavirus (including Covid-19), Avian Flu, A/H1N1 Swine Flu, MRSA, C.difficile, Listeria, Paeruginosa, E-Coli, S.Aureas, Enterococcus hirea, Bacillus subtillis, Asperigilus niger, Salmonella, Legionella pneumophilia and many more.

Our chemical is an NHS Gold Standard chemical which has won many awards globally. It is known as an 'active chemical' which means when applied, it can continue to do it's job ongoing until such time as friction or normal cleaning procedures eventually wear it off.

Following crime/trauma scene clean up, void property clearances, waste removal or hoarding clean up, as well as sanitising the area to ensure it is free from biohazard risk such as body fluids which eliminates the risk of contamination to new occupants, we can also use environmentally friendly industrial deodorisers to remove any residual odours which may have arisen from bodily fluids or other contaminants such as rodent infestation or food waste.

We follow all appropriate health & safety legislation by performing full risk assessments and issuing method statements for the work carried out prior to the commencement of sanitising, infection control and/ or deodorising. Whether it's a one-off Emergency Decontamination or you wish to use it as a regular prevention method, we can assist you Nationwide.

Our Use Of Fogging Machines Ensures The Most Hygienic Results

To achieve outstanding results each and every time, the team at Clear Clean Enviromental uses fogging machines to ensure every surface is thoroughly decontaminated. These machines can be used in all types of locations and premises, including hotels, schools, offices and shops, as well as coaches, aircrafts, trains and ships – in fact, they’re perfect for cleaning anywhere people are brought together in a close environment.

Our state-of-the-art fogging machines release a fine mist spray of our effective cleaning solution into the air which coats every single surface as it falls. This includes all those hard to reach and easy to miss areas.

What is Fogging?

A ULV Fogger (also known as ULV cold fogger) is a piece of equipment designed to disperse pesticide chemicals in the air as a mist or fog. It is popularly used in pest control situations to control problem pests like mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs and other insects

How does it work?

ULV Fogging works by compressing pesticides or disinfectants through a specially designed nozzle, producing a fine cold mist or aerosol. Electric portable versions are particularly ideal for indoor applications as they don't produce exhaust gases and are less noisy

What is ATP testing?

Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is the energy molecule found in all living things, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a surface is clean or not. Companies use ATP systems to rapidly verify surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly in food manufacturing and healthcare applications, and to ensure that biofilms are not developing on the surface that could affect quality.

What is ATP testing used for?

ATP monitoring is a rapid testing method used by food and beverage processors to quickly assess the cleanliness of surfaces or liquid samples from such places as CIP systems. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is present in all organic material and is the universal unit of energy used in all living cells

When should ATP testing be conducted?

Then, intense testing with ATP swabs should be done after a deep cleaning, this will generate data for a defined period of time (for example two to three weeks or 10 to 30 cleaning cycles) and in several pre-selected testing points in order to have an appropriate coverage of the production line or equipment.

For more information about our Infection Control Services or for a no obligation quotation please Click Here or call us today on 0800 0996 168.

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